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Mick McGough of UKIP NEC's Lies & Fantasies

Mick McGough of UKIP NEC's Lies & Fantasies#0000* - TITLE!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
Mick McGough of UKIP NEC's Lies & Fantasies!

Sadly such dishonesty & corruption has repeatedly brought The EUroSceptic movement into disrepute and the self interest of those seeking preferment has been a betrayal of these United Kingdoms and greatly aided The EU in its efforts to destroy Brtitain and its values!


I note with utter c ontempt the liar, cheat and proven low life scoundrel Mick McGough is yet again excercising his fantasies and obsessions in an effort to defame me!
Mick McGough seemingly seeking to ingratiate himself with
an apparently somewhat 'tired & emotional' Nigel Farage!
Rich when it comes from a proven liar who set out to cheat his colleagues for his own personal gain - an odious little man who criminally uses the internet and who has brought the EUroSceptic movement into such disrepute with his parasitic vain glory in befouling The Freedom Association with his presence and his involvement with the CIB.

Not to mention of course the extent to which he has befouled and debased UKIP by seeking to drag them into the gutter he so clearly feels so at home in - a gutter befouled with his constant self interested lies and speculative falsehoods.

Here is his comment of today, made on Anthony Butcher's squalid little forum which is provably controlled by Mick McGough's low life colleagues amongst UKIP's leadership:

Steve GLW may well have had a knock at the door when he revealed info specifically banned by a court from publishing.You really give him too much respect given his whole aim is to undrmine the anti EU movement.He hates it when we suggest he's paid ,which I am sure he is.Of course he must be worried that his benefits might be affected.

So let us consider what this vile little man is claiming:
This I gather is in response to detailed facts and opinions presented by Steve Morson, on that same Forum.

Let us not forget Steve Morson was legitimately and honestly elected to be chairman of UKIP's regional committee - Mick McGough had to resort to dishonesty and corruption to seek preferment in UKIP as shown at CLICK HERE where you will note despite his dishonesty as shown in UKIP's Returning Officer's Official Report he came a risible 6th. with only 137 votes amonst his so called friends, on his home territory and was beaten into that position by some notable liars and various dishonest individuals who have, like himself, brought UKIP into disrepute and undermined genuine EUroScepticism in their corrupt self interest!
GLW may well have had a knock at the door
Fortunately I have absolutely nothing to fear from ANY knock on my door - having NEVER wittingly or deliberately broken any law nor, unlike Mick McGough, have I ever deliberately lied to mislead or for personal gain.
when he revealed info specifically banned by a court from publishing.
I have never in my life wittingly published information which was a matter under any such legal notice. I do gather that Gerard Batten sought, in my opinion dishonestly and corruptly, to suppress the truth of his various Court appearances. Details which I quite legitimately published as there was no reason to believe he was so ashamed he sought to suppress the facts - though one might well understand why his efforts to seemingly incite racial hatred based on religious superstitions counter to his own may well be grounds for such dishonesty!

I am also aware that UKIP via individuals in their claque dishonestly obtained details of a technical offence, with relation to an automatic pistol, and legitimate corresponding ammunition, which was accidentally imported into Britain, with household effects by a then lady friend of mine.

An offence for which I chose, for personal reasons, to accept responsibility and which was about 30 years ago and thus 'legally spent' and despite only a fine levied at the time UKIP were only too happy to see it unlawfully publicised and distorted - a measure of the suitability of UKIP to hold office ANY office!We note that in his desperation to dishonestly defame Mick McGough frequently sites this spent issue!

Perhaps since Mick McGough, would seem to claim, I should have known of the dubiously obtained Court ban, with regard to Gerard Batten's Court appearances, how come the matter was clearly in the public domain or I would not have been aware of it and nor would he!
You really give him too much respect
I believe the so called 'respect' attributed to me by Steve Morson and others, in as far as it may be is for my consistent efforts to be honest and accurate in exposing corruption in public office and my consistent efforts in opposing membership of The EU by these United Kingdoms with no attempt to personally profit from such efforts nor to seek preferment - funding every such action that I have taken with my own money.
given his whole aim is to undrmine the anti EU movement.
What a desperate and squalid lie - We note Mick McGough whop has so befouled the EUroSceptic movement in his personal interest, is unable to ever site facts, merely fanciful and defamatory lies, he and others have invented to justify their defamatory dishonesty and efforts to silence me for having exposed their corruption and self interest.
He hates it when we suggest he's paid ,
Frankly considering the source of the lies it is a matter of indifference but as the defamatory lies are so often made by those who, like Mick McGouggh, seek personal gain by repeating these lies - Indeed I expose them for the self seeking liars they are.

You will note that never ONCE have any of these low lifes EVER been able to identify a single iota of evidence or substantiation of their dishonest and defamatory comments.
which I am sure he is.
Tjhis can only, it would seem, be a certainty based upon the apparent fact that Mick McGough himself is without ethics, patriotism or integrity and wopuld himself act for money and is motivated to lie and cheat for personal gain and also to defame and mislead in his repetition of his lies without a shred of factual evidence to back his serial dishonesty.
Of course he must be worried that his benefits might be affected.
Indeed I do have the benefit of drawing a somewhat nominal old age pension being eligible by contribution and age and did for a short period, during treatment with Chemo Therapy and Radiation treatment for what was a prognosis of terminal cancer receive a sum which - since I was unable to work covered PART of the cost of my petrol for visits to Velindre for that treatment.

I do not and nor have I ever received any other legitimate State benefits beyond those of the society I seek to defend from liars like McGough and the low lifes with whom they associate.

Yet again Mick McGough, were he an honest man of any integrity, would publish a full retraction and public apology for his utterly dishonest attempts to defame me - However I believe we can be, as ever, certain he will not be man enough nor honourable enough to do so.

Anyone wishing to check or verify ANY claimed fact about me is welcome to seek that clarification and provenance from me and do note that I strive to ensure the facts and the veracity of every posting I have ever made and details backing their accuracy can be found at CLICK HERE

I trust this exposure of the corruption and self serving lies of Mick McGough will be of help - It would be nice to think he might cease and disist in his serial dishonesty and criminal behaviour as a 'Cyber Stalker' but such a personality change on his part would seem unlikely - once a grubby little liar always a grubby klittle liar I have tended to find of the likes of such scum of our society!


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