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Mick McGough of UKIP NEC Denounced As A Gutter Snipe!

Mick McGough of UKIP NEC Denounced As A Gutter Snipe!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
Mick McGough of UKIP NEC Denounced As A Gutter Snipe!
His track record of dishonesty, corruption and outright abuse - his lies and self serving cheating speaks volumes from his gutter & hugely aids The EU in discreditting The EUroSceptic movement he befouls!


good to see someone else has the measure of this gutter snipe and proven liar and cheat Mick McGough who has done so much to aid and support Britain's catastrophic membership of The EU by befouling UKIP over many years as an appologist for dishonesty, corruption and fraud lick spittle to such human waste as Gerard Batten, Andrew Smith and tjhe other self serving, self seeking garbage that has floated to the top in the septic tank of UKIP  which has so obscenely betrayed its supporters and members.

You may find Ian Gilman's comments on UKIP of interest.

I can attest to almost all that he claims and states as a result of my own efforts to try to clean up UKIP to make it an honourable organisation fit for purpose not just the refuge of scoundrels and low lifes as it most clearly is now.

It is virtually impossible to name a single solitary individual in UKIP leadership and its foul mouthed, abusive and dishonest claque of ANY gravitas, integrity or trustworthy competence - little wonder so many decent activists have quit in disgust for a listing of a good few CLICK HERE

Quote Originally Posted by mick mcgough View Post
You really lack bottle Ian;typical of the pro EU fantasists in UKFirst.
Ian Gilman's reply to the vile little bully, criminal, liar and cheat Mick McGough was:

I How pathetic and a gross lie too. You guttersnipe. What L.M.F you display.am THE one person who actually showed a determined effort to run UKIP legally.

Alone 10/05 on the NEC I challenged the fraudster and former police officer Tom Wise MEP.
UKIP Wine World destroyed by Wise, aided and abetted, no money ever found no HMRC documents. An outsider approved by the NEC cost a four figure sum.Meanwhile embezzeling , was it £ 3,000 per month ?for five years ?
No other member dared to second me. They pathetically bowed their heads to their blotters. Michael Nattrass MEP, deputy leader just raved at me admitting frauds.
Its all contained within Southwark C.C. files.
Why , given a total lack of support for protecting the members money and interests even worse many areas of fiscal practice where mystery is attached to the movements and whereabouts of our money, our families money as donated should any reasonoble person remain in order to be associated with such practices. Just compare and contrast those protecting Wise et al and those of us who walked. Delroy Young, Dr.Abbott, Dr. Edmund, Dr Richard North, John Pratt, Heather Cunningham, Robin Page etc..........................

Then East Mids C.C. I challenged again financial practice with much mystery attached to it,
having previously explained matters to the members contact asking for assistance; the Regional Organiser.Asking on behalf of members; most of whom were of a pensionoble age, as to its journeys and money whereabouts. Despite providing copius quantities of information, facts and figures I was treated to serious threats of violence, beatings and an evident death threat.
My computer was spammed and destroyed costing me thousands £. My mother traced and intimidated, etc.
I endured witness intimidation and attempts to pervert the course of justice, the News of the World were leaked my details from somewhere ( Bedfordshire police and Tom Wise's drinking friends from The Ship Inn ? UKIP ?) my Tom Wise witness statement containing actually certain very serious information, being hacked out of my computer ( as with others) yet throughout I stood firm, resolute and willing to testify in favour of the thousands of decent members who gave so much.

I withstood this vile EMCC onslaught for one hour and twenty minutes.I never raised my voice or used bad language, I simply persisted.

I am aware that threats have been made to perhaps three persons seperately to have them murdered, and their bodies disposed of for as little as £ 1,000 remain on file. Just incredible, the standards of Sicily. All because they dared to ask a question usually about money.

Then I had the moral fibre to actually attempt to assist the Crown and the police (unfortunately friends of Tom Wise MEP as explained by him ) to recover our money, to set matters upon a straight course.

Meanwhile, instead of writing fatuious rubbish you will be well served auditing ( as a professional man and member of the NEC thus central to much financial knowledge) - auditing the many areas such as UKIP Wine World etc. and sending your audited accounts along with any intellegence and material evidence to:

Independent Police Complaints Commission,
Casework Manager; Helen Alderson,
1st Floor Oaklands House,
Washway Road,

Quoting reference, 2012 / 001000.

This will cover all three Bedfordshire police investigations, (yes his friends as defined by him kept three investigations tightly within their own force, no outside influence allowed) involving Tom Wise and other matters too.

Matters concerning the News of the World, in the run up to the Wise C.C. case are in the hands of the Metropolitan police under operation 'Wheeting' ( also I think 'Elvedon' and 'Tuleta' may impact.) From their several calls to me I seem to recall they had 30,000 telephone numbers/persons to trace and deal with via N.I./N of t. W, a massive task that must due to scale select certain priorities.

Meanwhile I read herein that the Electoral Commissioners became somehow involved regarding Sovereign Draw,/Sovereign Draw Ltd., a Logo owned by another and questions regarding routes of money and the pennies banked by UKIP from every pound donated.

Do your duty by the members Mr professional man. Mr NEC man.  
I can confirm that Tom Wise paid £8,000 to solicitors to try to suppress the truth about his embezzling money dishonestly gained from the public purse having fraudulently obtained the money, as clearly planned, using documentation his co accused Lindsay Jenkins had signed as an instrument of fraud subsequently claiming when charged that she had acted unwittingly & had signed the document as an ex Government employee, ex Bank employee, with degrees and research skills used to be employed as a researcher and also as an author of several books.

Tom Wise finally changed his plea when he realised his lies were implausible and fortunately for Lindsay Jenkins the charges against her were dropped.

As I know Tom Wise spent £8K with solicitors to try to prevent me publishing the truth which led to his being sentenced to two years in prison!

That Mick McGough entered into acriminal process of harrassment mailing over 20,000 ill mannered, unsolicited and abusive eMails to my spam filters, clearly designed to intimidate me - There is no doubt whatsoever of his criminality.

It is also noteworthy that Mick McGough lied about his status and achievements to cheat his colleagues and mislead the electorate - this dishonesty was well documented in his attempt to dupe others into his achieving the status of a UKIP MEP.

I can also confirm the expletive riddle rant of Mike Nattrass in his attempts to cover-up for Tom Wise's theft from the tax payers using as ground that he and the other UKIP MEPs were 'ALL' involved in fraudullently stealing money to enrich themselves.

This statement was made clearly and unreservedly by Mike Nattrass, at an NEC meeting, in an effort to intimidate Ian Gillman and other individuals at that meeting seeking to make UKIP fit for purpose and electable, including Petrina Holdsworth who was lied to and lied about by UKIP's gutter trash who pass for leadership!

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