Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mick McGough Helps The EU by making UKIP Loose Relevance

Mick McGough Helps The EU by making UKIP Loose Relevance
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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
Mick McGough Helps The EU by making UKIP Loose Relevance!
Demeaned by liars fools and fantasists like Mick McGough!
Lack of training & structure!
Unprofessional antics & behaviour!
Racism & anti homosexuality!
Consistent abject failure in domestic elections!
Continuous back biting and internal squabbling!
No visible solid achievement in 20 years!
Largely low grade & inept staff including criminals!
Not a single notable individual of political talent, probity and integrity in its entire leadership team! 

possibly the most damning thing about UKIP at the moment is the serial dishonesty and openly held self interest & fantasies of Mick McGough on public forums - where as a member of the UKIP clique seeking agrandisement and enrichment he makes a fool of himself with his unsustainable dishonesty, personalised attacks and inability to convince anyone but himself.

Mick McGough endlessly postures and pretends to know who the members of The Junius team are and it is clear he hasn't a clue!

Mick McGough makes a spectacular fool of himself having spam mailed me with some 17,000 offensive, puerile and childish eMails, which my anti virus & spam screen have detected and dumped unread - this sort of behaviour from a member of UKIP's claque and inner team on the NEC so demeans the Party!

Then we have this proven liar making accusations of dishonesty against me and substantiating his claim by proving my comment! He states that I lied when I made the comment he works for Gerard Batten and then in the same paragraph he admits to working for UKIP London which is effectively Gerard Batten - the poor man is an idiot!

We then see him trying to show how clever he is by pointing out that he doesn't work for Gerard Batten and that the authorisation of an order for printing (as I recall) which I published showing that Gerard Batten's brother was working for Gerard Batten was in some way misleading which I admit was beyond me to understand!

Defending the indefensible seems a habit in UKIP management!

Many will remember that Nigel Farage gave solemn undertakings on TV that no one in UKIP would employ relatives and when it became clear he was employing his own wife aty £30K and published in The Sunday Times it then started to be clear others were doing likewise!

Godfrey Bloom was employing family members; Graham Booth was trying to kline up family members with cushy jobs on the EU gravy train, seemingly mistresses were on the payroll,; Gerard Batten was employing his brother; Stuart Gulleford had employ7ed his Mother on Jeffrey Titford's behalf, now I note he has found his son a job working for Stuart Agnew; Lisa Duffy whilst an employee and NEC member lacked the professionalism to prorogue herself when votes were taken that effected her live in boyfriend - Need I go on?

Whilst the self serving shower of unprofessional fools in UKIP carry on their largely irrelevant self destruction the real world goes on!


There seems no sign that UKIP has noticed this EU wide event that hands ultimate control and dictatorial powers to the unelected bureaucrats of the EU central committee!


Having made much of his pretence that he has the vaguest clue that he knows who is on The Junius team would Mick McGough be so good as to justify what I believe to be a lie or apol;ogise and withdraw his defamatory and insulting claims.

Likewise I call on Mick McGough to publish a public apology for his lies and offensive behaviour in his official capacity where he is known by all to be a member of the UKIP NEC & leadership team and his behaviour and dishonesty demeans the party and undermines the honest members.
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